DSC_9631bw_smallIn brief

I am Beatrice Ghorra aka Bee or BeeBux, a music and photography passionate as well as a Network Engineer and runner. This website revolves mainly around my music activity through my current residency on friskyRadio where I host Synchronicity, a monthly Deep Progressive House show.


What’s this about

This blog has been around the web since I started spinning records, around 2006. It’s a centralised place where I showcase my passions about music, friskyRadio, photography and last but not least my passion for running. If you happened to stumble upon this page by Googling me, yes it’s true, I am a network engineer by day working for a French B2B/B2C ISP (and making this discovery happen through the magic of the Internet and BGP, oh well, never mind). So hello to you and thanks for your interest in Googling me.


What about the music

Music is the Key Element of this blog. My music journey started in 2000, as a guitarist and bassist in many rock/jazz projects. Electronic music was never too far though, and my DJ journey took another turn after meeting a couple of DJ friends in Beirut, Lebanon, who initiated me into spinning records. I am proud today to be part of the friskyRadio family and crew where I host “Synchronicity”, every 3rd Thursday of the month at 7am PST / 4pm CET and where I collaborate as the Twitter Community Manager for the Euro zone. My radio show is focused on music and technique through technology. It’s a mass fusion of genres flirting with Progressive House, Tech and Deep House.

All sets on the Music page are available, FREE of charge for your listening pleasure. However, consider subscribing to FRISKY to support us in bringing you the best in Electronic Music. Your feedback is always appreciated.

My music is focused on “Engaging on a musical journey” and depends greatly on my mood.


What do I mix on

My studio setup is mainly controlled by Ableton Live Suite 8. Most of my radio sets are recorded with Ableton as it offers unlimited wiring possibilities which helps marry mixing with production. It helps me connect my tracks with my Reason 7 racks, VSTs and acoustic instruments.

The live setup that I use when broadcasting through MixLR is controlled by Traktor 2.6.5 Pro, an X1 controller wired through a 4 channel mixer. The setup is due to evolve with time as I love to experiment with new Hardware. Traktor delivers a straight forward interface which helps me focus on the music, my flow and the progression of my live set.

When invited to mix at my DJ friends’, I usually use their Traktor Scratch setup hence spinning on their CDJ’s 800′s with a DJM-800.


What about productions

My productions were mainly focused on Progressive Rock and Trip Hop records and are currently at a halt due to a lack of time to work on them.


What about the photography

Just like music, photography is yet another key to this webspace. The photoblog/portfolio is about engaging on a visual journey on an everyday basis with everything around, be it landscapes, towns, people, textures, architectures, nature and so on.

Please note that all photographic work/artwork are kindly copyrighted. If you are interested in a print, just ask and I will send it over to you.



If you happen to stumble upon this space for other search reasons, I am a Network Engineer by day. It’s an amazing job to be able to be behind the wires that enable delivering content to millions of users.

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