I am Bee, a curious and creative spirit passionate about sports, music and photography. I am a Network Engineer and Program Manager by day and work on innovative projects in the broadcast TV field as well on one hand and on enabling IPv6 in the telco world on the other hand. Nothing would be possible without running, my second nature activity.

!n brief

This website was born in 2006 and catalogs my music activity. This journey started earlier on, around 2000 as a guitarist and bassist in a good bunch of rock and jazz projects. I was side studying sound engineering at the time and experimented in home studio recordings too. Electronic music was always something I was fond of and I secretly spun progressive house records to experiment with different sounds and textures. These experiences have lead to my current residency on FRISKY radio with my bimonthly show Synchronicity. I wanted this show to be as eclectic and free style as possible, a journey into senses more than a yet-another-set kind of music.

All sets on the Music page are available, FREE of charge for your listening pleasure. However, consider subscribing to FRISKY to support the radio in bringing you the best in Electronic Music. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Creat!ve m!nd

Photography is the other facet of my web presence. We live in a fast-spinning, egocentric and tormented world and photography is one of the eye-openers we need and a chance to freeze an instant, a moment and relay a message. You can check my work on my Photography Portfolio and 500px profile or on my instagr.am feed.

Please note that all photographic work/artwork are protected by copyright. If you are interested in a digital or analog print, you can buy them at 500px or email me for more information.

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